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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lotus Thai House unique?

Here at lotus Thai house we pride ourselves in making the most authentic dishes,using the four cornerstone flavorings of Thailand. Sweet,sour,salty, and spicy 


What does the pink lotus flower represent?

This is the supreme lotus, generally reserved for the highest deity, is sometimes confused with the white lotus. The pink lotus is the lotus of the historical Buddha.


Am I able to customize the spice level of my order?

Yes. We can alter the spiciness according to your preference.


Can meat dishes be prepared vegetarian?

Yes! Most dishes can be prepared vegetarian. Please ask your server for details.


Can we prepare dishes Gluten Free?

Yes! Most dishes can be prepared Gluten Free. Please ask your server for details.


Are there daily specials at Lotus Thai House?

Yes. Specials will be posted inside the restaurant during the weekdays or visit one of our social media sites And stay connected with lotus Thai house for discounts and daily specials 


When did Lotus Thai House open?

October 5, 2013. Lotus Thai House is the former Mekong River restaurant.


What is the address and location of Lotus Thai House?

5869 Broadview Road

Parma, OH 44118


What is the phone number of Lotus Thai House?

(216) 371-9575


What are the hours of operation for Lotus Thai House?

Monday 11am-2:30pm(lunch) 4pm-9pm (dinner)

Tuesday 11am-2:30pm(lunch) 4PM- 9PM (dinner)

Wednesday 11am-2:30(lunch) 4PM-9PM (dinner)

Thursday 11am-2:30(lunch) 4PM-9pm(dinner) 

Friday 11am-2:30pm(lunch) 4pm-9pm(dinner)

Saturday 11am-2:30(lunch)4pm-9pm(dinner) 

Sunday 12pm-7pm (dinner only)

*note that we break from 2:30pm-4pm ever day except Sunday*


What is the holiday schedule of Lotus Thai House?

Lotus Thai House will be closed on the following holidays: 4th of July, Labor Day ,New years day,Thanksgiving, & Christmas and otherwise posted


What types of beverages does Lotus Thai House serve?

Coke products including Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite


Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Coffee

Jasmine Tea

Green Tea

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Bubble Teas

Smoothies including Mango, Pineapple, and Strawberry flavors


What forms of payment does Lotus Thai House accept?

Cash or Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, & Discover (Minimum $10). Sorry no Checks.


Which social media does Lotus thai house have?

facebook @lotus thai house or instagram @lotusthaihouseparma


Does Lotus Thai House offer free parking?

Yes! Lotus Thai House also has a designated carry-out parking space.


Does Lotus Thai House accept reservations?

Yes! Reservations are recommended on the weekends.


Does Lotus Thai House offer online ordering?

Toast online ordering


Does Lotus Thai House deliver?

Monday- Sunday (limited areas)


Does Lotus Thai House cater?

Yes! Lotus Thai House would love to be the next
preparer of your birthday, anniversary, graduation, bar mitzvah, or bat mitzvah.


Does Lotus Thai House have an outdoor patio?



Does Lotus Thai House offer gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards are available for purchase in-store.


Does Lotus Thai House have a birthday club?

Coming soon!


Does Lotus Thai House sell company merchandise?

No but maybe in the future


Authentic Thai Cuisine


5869 Broadview Rd

Parma, OH 44118


(216) 371-9575

Order Delivery Online or call us for delivery Mon - Sunday!

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Toast Online Ordering

Please use Grubhub and Ubereats for delivery only.  

This service is not free of charge to our business!

Do you have a special occasion coming up?

Lotus Thai House would love to cater your next birthday, anniversary, graduation, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, or Super Bowl party!

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